Building a deck without obtaining the necessary deck permit drawings is a common mistake that disregards crucial building codes and poses significant risks. Beyond violating codes, the real danger lies in potential safety hazards. An improperly built deck could collapse, causing serious injuries to anyone on it. Ensuring you have a permit in advance is a reliable signal that your project plan aligns with the regulations outlined in the Ontario Building Code, local Zoning By-laws, and other pertinent rules.

Deck permit services
A homeowner started to build a deck on the second floor without permit, one of his neighbors called the City to check as the privacy of his backyard will be compromised; an inspector showed up asking for permit and approved drawings, and a stop order was issued.

The value of following proper procedures, including obtaining a permit, becomes evident with the involvement of an architectural company that offers deck permit services in Toronto and a City inspector. Their work ensures construction meets safety standards. With the design of a licensed designer issues like missing joist hangers, excessive overhangs of joists or beams, or improper connection of the ledger board to the house are unlikely to happen, which are commonly seen on deck constructed without a permit. These issues could lead to dangerous structural failures.

However, the consequences of building without a permit extend far beyond safety concerns. Imagine investing time and money into constructing a deck, only to face an inspector order to tear it down due to safety risks or zoning violations. Worse yet, the discovery of an unpermitted deck could trigger back taxes and hefty fines from the city or town.

The financial burden doesn’t end there. If an incident occurs and your insurance company discovers the lack of a permit, they may refuse coverage. This leaves you liable for expenses, including hospital bills if someone gets injured. Moreover, selling your home becomes complicated if it’s revealed that the deck was built without a permit, potentially delaying the sale or reducing the property’s value.

In essence, building a deck without obtaining the necessary deck permit drawings isn’t just a violation of regulations; it’s a gamble with multiple adverse outcomes. Prioritizing safety, legality, and the long-term value of your property by adhering to permit requirements remains the prudent choice. It not only avoids legal repercussions and financial strain but also ensures the well-being of those using the deck and secures the property’s resale value.

Engaging a professional licensed BCIN designer and obtaining a permit offers added assurance to homeowners. Permits serve as a guarantee that your contractor is committed to upholding standards, avoiding shortcuts, and using quality materials throughout the project.